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Property Insurance

Property Insurance Dubai, UAE - Nasco Middle East’s Property Insurance provides you with a solution to protect your assets.

Property Insurance Dubai, UAE

The policies we offer are international in nature, yet coupled with a local understanding of the market. We provide competitive terms which are backed by highly-rated insurers. What is property insurance? As your property (buildings, contents, furniture/fixtures, plant & machinery etc.) is exposed to various perils/risks that can cause loss/damage and consequently drain your resources, they need to be well protected by insurance policies. Losses/liabilities can also arise due to your business activities/hazardous processes being carried in your location which need to be adequately addressed. How is our property insurance different? Property insurance involves understanding the risks that your property is exposed to, and which need to be identified and covered. Nature of losses and related risks differ for various activities being carried out and need to be understood to arrive at suitable solutions. We specialize in structuring appropriate insurance programs which would cater to your specific needs. What are the major types of property insurance program:

Property insurance Property business interruption insurance Machinery breakdown insurance Machinery loss of profit insurance Boiler insurance Electronic equipment insurance Deterioration of stock insurance

We structure customized insurance solutions to protect your property against accidental loss or damage. Whether you own a manufacturing unit, a trading house, an office or a villa, we are here to protect you. The main policies offered by us are:

Property All Risk Insurance Business Interruption Insurance Fire & Allied Perils Insurance Burglary Insurance Householders Comprehensive Insurance Business Comprehensive Insurance

  • Notify us of the incident immediately.
  • Notify the relevant authorities, eg: the police or civil defense if applicable.
  • Provide an incident report.
  • Provide estimates of repairs or a list of damaged stock as applicable.
  • Await instructions from us/insurers/surveyors prior to repairs/ destruction of damaged material.
  • Preserve recovery rights if applicable by notifying the third party.
  • Provide invoice/proof of repairs for settlement of claim.
  • In case of business interruption claims, your financial statements will be required and we shall advice you on case-by-case basis.
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